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Body Shamming

My friend a week ago went to a party and I wasn’t expecting to see her until morning but at 1 I heard the door bell as I opened I saw her standing with tears filled in the eyes I took her in and when saw from behind her very expensive dress was torn,I was pondering what has happened to her n as I asked she again burst into tears..I calmed her down n asked her what’s wrong she told me the place she went had group of boys who made fun of her for being fat n at that moment her dress got shrouded apart…Friends, I want to know why is physique so important for making friends or girl friends with any girl all women are beautiful in their own ways..I agree being fit does matter but it doesn’t means you will humiliate one just because they are fat…if they don’t have complexity about it,don’t let them feel that either..Humans are never satisfied for what they have if a girl is thin she would be considered too skinny and not attractive,if she is fat then also she is considered unhealthy.

So girls I would advice you don’t bother about what others say to you just be the way you are and stay happy,stay healthy😊😊😊

“Behind that Makeup”

Hello there! Okay this blog is for all the beautiful girls in the world and please no offense, if u all feel it’s stupid then also let me know.

Okay,so the other day a friend of mine was sleeping in her room at night when she gets a door knock n she opens the door n I found her fainted as she saw her roomie with a facepack and also was watching a horror movie.

Girls ,I would like to tell you all that no makeup can make you beautiful as much as your inner beauty does and also beauty is in simplicity.

I’m not objecting any girl doing makeup but u can try the no makeup look with a hint of smile😊…and let the world look at you with that awestruck expression..because all of u r simply gorgeous beyond this layer of makeup.